Events Autumn 2017

11 September
Seminar in English with Peter Hallward and Panagiotis Sotiris
The Will of the People and the Future of Europe

12 September
Lecture in English by Rubina Raja
On urban network evolutions: The case of the Decapolis city Gerasa in Jordan
Full series of lectures on Urban evolutions

22 September
Seminar in English: LATRA Innovation Summit. Design for Peace

28 September
Book launch: MoDIA21, Petras-Siteia. The Pre- and Proto-Palatial cemetery in Context ed. M. Tsipopoulou. Presented by Alexander MacGillivray

3 October
Lecture in English by Federica Sulas
Water and urban resilience: Geoarchaeology of African early towns
Full series of lectures on Urban evolutions

19 October
Concert with Danish-Greek quartet KOTTOS
Music by Danish and Greek composers and the quartet’s own compositions

31 October
Lecture in English by Christian Ammitzbøll Thomsen
The Continuation of a Civic Obligation: The Athenian Trierarchy in the Late Third Century

6 November
Film screening: Your neighbour’s son by Erik Stephensen and Jørgen Flindt Petersen

7 November
Lecture in English by Christopher Dickenson
Public space and urban networks in the ancient world: Hellenistic and Roman Messene as a case study
Full series of lectures on Urban evolutions

10 November
Workshop on the Danish promotion of human rights in connection with the junta regime in Greece with papers by Effie Pedaliou (London School of Economics) and Kristine Kjærsgaard (University of Southern Denmark). Moderator: Evanthis Hatzivassiliou (Athens University).

15 November
LET’S GET PERSONAL and RE:Doing GENDER 2 performances with Annika B. Lewis and Andreas Constantinou
More information about LET’S GET PERSONAL
More information about RE:Doing GENDER

29 November
THE HISTORY OF SEXUALITY. Οpen door into an artistic process in progress about the research work THE HISTORY OF SEXUALITY by Annika B. Lewis and Andreas Constantinou

4 December
Film screening: The Abyss by Urban Gad with Asta Nielsen
Introduction to the movie in English

Events Spring 2018

16 January
“To the Victor goes the Palm” – The International Successes of Danish Cinema
Lecture in English by Palle Schantz Lauridsen

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